About Us

SG Legal is focused on solutions for clients and we have the right people to assist you. Our goal is to provide you with:

The Right Advice

We aim to provide you with practical and succinct legal advice, based on your requirements.

Reasonable Price

We will provide you with a quote, which will be reasonable, and which we will adhere to.


We will give you a realistic time frame and stick to it.


If these cost or time frame need to change, we will talk to you about this as soon as we become aware of the reason for the change and seek your approval to proceed.

We will always aim to understand what you require and are committed to providing you with:

Practical Outcomes

While advising on the law, we aim to provide you with practical commercial advice.

Quality Services

We aim to provide legal advice that is accurate, up-to-date, practical, succinct and addresses your requirements.

Clear Communication

We will confirm your instructions and provide you with advice without the legalese.

Fixed Costs

Managing costs in any business can be a challenge, so we will always provide you with a fixed cost estimate up front.  If for some reason the scope of our work changes, we will not incur costs beyond what we have quoted, without explaining to you what we believe has changed, and why additional costs are to be incurred.  We will not proceed without your approval.

Regular Updates

We will keep you updated regularly.